Written by Kev

Well we had a pretty busy summer. No huge holiday, but plenty of smaller things. Most of the planning for this year was based around seeing Bruce Springsteen as he was touring for the first time in 7 years and who knows how many more tours with the E Street Band there will be. With that in mind we managed to book 5 dates (no mean feat I can tell you, the whole tour sold out rapidly) and planned our summer accordingly. We also fitted in a few other things, but it boiled down to this:

London in May - Georgia and Charlie went off on honeymoon for 3 weeks to some mundane places such as Singapore, Vietnam and Bali, so Tam and I thought hmmm, their apartment in London will be free. Let's offer our services as house sitters - we're always thinking of others, very altruistic. Nothing to do with the fact that we could spend plenty of time looking around London at leisure with no hotel bills to pay.

Kalkan in May - in the middle of our near 3 week stay in London we headed to Kalkan for a week. I know we go there a lot (our 6th time), but it's a place that suits us down to the ground. Paying nothing for the flights using Avios helps a lot as well.

Scotland in June - to see Springsteen in Edinburgh followed by a couple of days in Loch Lomond. We also spent a day in Whitby on our way down to London (again!) where we went to see a live concert celebrating 100 years of Disney.

Copenhagen in July - two Springsteen concerts here and a few days sightseeing.

The trip report will feature these places, but we also managed to fit in a few other things including Glastonbury and Womad festivals. One things for sure, being retired certainly gives you the time to do whatever you want whenever you want. Unfortunately the bank account can't keep up with our ambition and desire to travel, but we'll face up to that problem when the money runs out! Tam could always work a few more hours. She doesn't like to be idle for too long, so she works 10 hours a week doing bookkeeping for Charlie's stepsister. I quite like being a kept man.