Day 1 - Thursday 10th September 2015

Written by Kev

We have a day at work to get through before we can leave for the airport (Tam and I still work for the same company), but it goes reasonably fast and we leave at 4.00pm to drive to Heathrow.
Our packed suitcases are already in the car, so there's no need to go home first. The journey to Heathrow is uneventful and we pull into the Sofitel at 5.45pm. This hotel is incredibly convenient for Terminal 5 as you leave your car in their underground car park and it's linked to the terminal by a walkway.

Er... this appears to be the only photo we have at the Sofitel. I blame Tam. She does the photos and I do the video. Or in this case, she doesn't do the photos.

We check in and go to the room for a shower before heading to the bar at 6.45pm. A short while later Deb and Matt arrive and we chat for a while before moving across to the Vivre restaurant for our meal. This is a nice enough place and the food is reasonable - not great, but not bad, so it's a pleasant start to the holiday.
As we are eating, Matt tells us that a mutual friend of ours, Mark, is also at Heathrow catching a flight to Newcastle and that he's sat two rows behind Mo Farah. A while later a photo arrives of a selfie Mark has taken with Mo. Deb is impressed as she says she would be too reserved to ask for a photo with him. I tell her she's being a little presumptuous. How does she know that Mo Farah didn't think 'Oh look, there's Mark over there, I'll go and ask if I can have my photo taken with him'? I realise that this is unlikely, but you have to cover all possibilities.

We go to the champagne bar where Deb and Matt both have a glass of bubbly - makes sense in a champagne bar I suppose, but I make do with a beer while Tam has a Campari and lemonade.
The girls disappear off to the loo to freshen up or whatever else it is that ladies do together in the toilet, it's always been a mystery to me. Matt and I are sat drinking when his phone buzzes - Deb is Facetiming Matt from the loo! He answers and I can hear Deb giggling away on the other end of the line. When she comes back we are asking why she was video calling from a toilet cubicle. She maintains she didn't and it must have accidentally connected somehow. Hmmm .... I'm somewhat dubious about this and believe it may be some kinky little game they play on a regular basis. I shall be keeping a very careful eye on her every time she goes to the loo on this holiday. Oh dear, that doesn't sound right either.

While the ladies are in the loo the server comes over to tell Matt and I that the bar is closing shortly. This comes as a bit of a surprise as it's 9.40pm! The champagne bar is a lovely area, much nicer than the main bar, but there is virtually no one in there. Maybe that's why they close so early.
When our drinks are finished we go to the main bar for a nightcap. As Deb says, this bar is nicer now it's dark and the lights are on.

Off to bed just after 11.00pm.