Day 12 - Monday 21st September 2015

Written by Kev

We awake fairly early, have breakfast and are packed and into The Beast by 9.00am.
Today we are driving to San Antonio to see our friends Sharon and Keith and Sharon’s son, Evan. It’s around 450 miles, so Matt and I are splitting the driving.

It’s a long drive and takes over 8 hours, although we do stop for lunch at a particularly fine establishment called Twin Peaks. This is a restaurant chain similar to Hooters, but with a backwoods theme. The servers are dressed like mini lumberjacks with tiny checked shirts and shorts. Without going in to graphic detail, I reckon the sales of push up bras around these restaurants must be above the national average. I do like to keep abreast of the latest dining trends. This place might have it’s knockers, but I’m not one of them, I don’t want to make a boob.
I think I’ve finally got that off my chest.
The food is reasonable, but no more. Tam and I share the chicken fried chicken and beef salad. The chicken is good, but the salad is swimming in vinaigrette. The beer is served at 29F and has ice forming in it – lovely on a hot day, which this certainly is. It’s 97F outside.

We fill up with fuel and continue on our journey, finally arriving on the outskirts of San Antonio at 5.00pm.
Sharon is there to meet us. After hugs and greetings she shows us her lovely house. It’s beautiful, especially the swimming pool. Sharon’s husband, Keith, arrives shortly afterwards and a little later her son, Evan. Sharon, Keith and Evan came to the UK and spent a few days with us in July, so it’s not long since we last saw them.

Keith makes margaritas and we sit outside by the pool and catch up.
Sharon gives both Deb and Matt and me and Tam a Texas flag in a presentation case and a certificate to show that it’s been flown over the Capitol Building. It’s a wonderful gift and we’ll find a suitably prominent place to display it when we get home.

Sharon, Keith and Evan are taking us out to Top Golf for the evening. The 8 of us can fit in The Beast, so I volunteer to drive.
Top Golf is an enormous driving range with targets. There are many booths over 3 levels where you sit and eat and drink while taking it in turns to hit balls. It’s very clever as you touch the screen to bring up your name, it then knows which is your ball and you aim at the targets at varying distances, scoring points depending on how close to the pin you are.
I start off slowly as I haven’t hit a golf ball for nearly two years, but I gradually improve and manage to win at the end. This could be due to the fact that I’m the only one not drinking. Sharon particularly has problems. No matter where she aims the ball slices off to the right. We sympathise with her and offer advice. At least we do after we’ve stopped laughing.
We have several rounds of drinks (Pepsi for me) and food brought to the booth. I have a tuna sandwich and fries. We all agree that this was a really good night. Not only do we have fun playing golf, but we also get to hang out with old friends and enjoy their company.
At the end Keith insists on paying for everything. It turns out that Texans are every bit as generous as Oklahomans.

We drive back to Sharon and Keith’s house. I forgot to mention we are staying there tonight before we move to a hotel tomorrow. We sit outside in the garden and I get to enjoy a couple of beers. Deb is particularly impressed in the large bug zapper they have that fries any insects that fly into it. She giggles with ghoulish delight every time there is a ‘Fzzztt’ noise as one of the little creatures meets its end.
We’re pretty tired after the long drive, so it’s off to bed at midnight.