DAY 4- FRIDAY 4th MARCH 2011

Written by Kev

Participants: Tam and Kev

I wake up at 5.00am, but drop off to sleep again until 7.00am. Not bad for the second full day.
The plan today is do nothing much. We are going to sit around the pool, maybe lunch in the Wilderness Lodge or Fort Wilderness, sit around the pool some more and then have dinner at Narcoossee’s. As plans go, this is a pretty good one I feel. The forecast is for near 80F temperatures – what can go wrong? Well, we find that out when we cross the walkway between Bay Lake Tower and the Contemporary. Our hats nearly get blown over the edge. It’s definitely on the breezy side today.

Around 9.30am we are sat around the Bay Lake Tower pool. It’s in a beautiful spot, right by Bay Lake, but the clouds are not co-operating. It’s mainly overcast and the wind makes it feel cool. When the sun peaks out it’s fine, so we’re hoping for the skies to clear later. Until then we stiffen our lips, strip down to our swimwear and make the best of it.

I ask Tam whether she would like to own here and we are pretty much in agreement that we would as the location is so good. You can walk to the Magic Kingdom, get the monorail to Epcot or jump on a boat to Wilderness Lodge. It’s why we like the Boardwalk as well; it’s nice not to have to take a bus every time you want to get somewhere.

When the sun decides to show its face, I listen to my mp3 player and me and Neil Young are Rockin’ in the Free World at Bay Lake Tower.
This doesn’t last long before a few drops of rain fall and Tam is not happy. ‘I’m not happy Kev’ she says - that’s how I know she’s not happy. You pick up on these little things after 25 years of marriage.

At 11.30am we decide to have an early lunch as it’s not showing any sign of clearing quickly. We catch the launch across to Fort Wilderness and go to the Trails End Buffet. This is a nice little frontier style place and we split the chilli (which is lovely), a pulled pork sandwich (which is both pulled and porky) followed by a sticky bun sundae (which is nice and very filling).

Back on the launch we return to Bay Lake Tower where it’s getting cloudier if anything, so sitting by the pool again is pretty much a waste of time. I want to get a couple of pairs of jeans some time this holiday and I’m fairly sure there is a World of Denim somewhere along the 192, so we jump in the car to try and find it. Find it we do, although it does us no good at all as it looks like it shut down some time ago. Oh well, never mind. We drive into the back entrance to Disney and return to Bay Lake Tower. I sit on the balcony with a beer, enjoying the view and writing up my trip report.
I’m never trusting an American weather forecast again, they’re worse than ours! When I hear ‘partly cloudy, high temp of 78F’ I feel that the frequency of the cloud is pretty much implied by the word ‘partly’ as opposed to ‘mostly’ or ‘entirely’ or ‘no more chance of seeing the sun than I have of winning the lottery’. Just as these random thoughts flit through my brain a rather large storm passes through and it chucks it down with rain. Partly cloudy my arse!
Still, let’s not dwell on it, eh? I’m on holiday after all.

After showering and smartening ourselves up a bit we are off to the Grand Floridian for a cocktail at Mizners. The server here is unusually slow, although this may be because there are quite a lot of people in the lounge due to the inclement weather. (Let it go Kev, let it go). Tam has a Raspberry Rain (damn, it’s that word again) and I get a Long Island Iced Tea.

On to Narcoossee’s where we ask for a table by the window. We have to wait a few minutes, but this turns out to be a waste of time as we end up sat at the nearest table to the entrance, close to the podium. Still, any table in Narcoossee’s is all right by me, I really like this place. We both have the chicken dish, but I can’t remember exactly what is in it, sorry. A bottle of wine helps things along and a very enjoyable time is had. We break off from dining to go outside to watch Wishes from the veranda, but Tam is cold in the breeze. I suspect this is just a ploy to get me to give her a cuddle while we watch the fireworks. The lady next to us looks a bit chilly too, but gives me a strange look when I offer her my cuddling services.
Meal finished we head back to Bay Lake Tower for a fairly early evening as we have to be up early in the morning to drive down to Miami to catch our cruise. Just time for one last lingering look at the night time view from our room.

The next week of the report will be written by Tam.


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