Written by Tam

Participants: Tam, Kev, Deb, Matt, Gareth, Jane, Daryl and Karen

Breakfast in our room again – Kev eggs benedict and me the granola and croissants again. When we watched the news this morning we were greeted with the news about the horrific earthquake in Japan and the affects of this. A really sobering start to the morning.

Today is the last at sea day – so a relatively lazy day was in order.

At 10.15am we meet outside the cabins in order to do the Bridge Tour that Gareth had signed us up for on the first day of the cruise. Kev and I had done this on our previous Celebrity cruise and enjoyed it very much as the view from the bridge is outstanding.

It was very interesting listening to how all the equipment works and the glass floor which goes out of the ship was really quite scary to tread on but it had to be done.


Afterwards we went to the area with the photographs but at $19.99 no one bought anything. Unfortunately we had never had a formal one of all 8 of us done together and had we done this would have been a lovely momento that would have been worth splashing out on. While we are viewing photos we notice that they are also showing video taken on this cruise – rather embarrassingly it shows some of us dancing in the latin class.

Kev and I go to Baccio for coffee mocha and shortbread as breakfast seems like a long time ago now. We then go to Moonlight Sonata where they are doing a brunch. A great display of all sorts of wonderful foods – my favourites were the cured ham, garlic mashed potato – which I couldn’t get enough of, fish and chicken. For pudding I was just too full of the mashed potato so I just had a bit of pineapple dipped in the chocolate fountain. It was a shame we hadn’t read the daily before bed because if we had we would have skipped breakfast and the coffee and biscuits earlier and made the most of this amazing buffet

Meet everyone at the Oceanview Bar where I leave them drinking as I am determined to have a go in a hot tub and have a swim – it was surprisingly chilly on that deck and I didn’t stay long as the wind was very strong so headed back to the cabin.

 I watched the news channels for more news on the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and also found a channel with a interesting piece on how Celebrity built the Celebrity Solstice and the new technology used in building her pods etc. Kev returns and we get ready to meet the others in the Martini Bar at 7pm.

 At 7.30pm as we have nothing booked we all decide to go to the Moonlight Sonata again. Kev and I start with chicken liver parfait with port reduction and onion shreds, I then have turkey breast on pasta with marinara sauce and mozzarella while Kev has New York Strip Steak on pasta with creamy garlic sauce with gorgonzola crumbs. Pudding for both of us were crepe suzette.

 We then go to the Martini Bar for more cocktails and fun before hitting the hay at midnight. We say our goodbyes to Gareth and Jane - who are heading home tomorrow and also Daryl, Karen, Deb and Matt who are heading off for more holiday fun before flying home next week

More video of the Celebrity Eclipse