A brief reminder of the people involved.

Me, Kevin, 40, charming, handsome, intelligent, witty, just downright wonderful really. Oh, who am I kidding, you all know the truth by now.

Tammy, 34, babe, blonde, bright, bubbly (that's an awful lot of 'B's) and my wife.

India, 7 (nearly 8) happy, clever, talkative and eager to try anything.

Georgia, 4 (nearly 5) pretty, stubborn, shy, beautiful smile, filthy temper.

I wake up at 5:30 mostly due to a bad shoulder that I have had for some time. I would like to say that it is a sports injury, old war wound or something equally macho, unfortunately it is due to excessive computer use both at work and at home.
I get up and walk around the hotel for an hour then return to the room at 6:30 when everyone else gets up.
Shuttle bus to airport. We check in 3 hours before the flight. An attempt by me to get them to take Georgia in the hold with the other luggage is thwarted. Curses!
After breakfast we go through to the departure lounge where the annual holiday ritual in the duty free shop takes place. The testing of the fragrances. Tammy tries so many she gets a headache and forgets which one she likes best, while I have such a variety of smells on me that flies drop dead as I pass. After choosing something or other we board the Caledonian DC10 at 10:00 and eventually take off at 11:00, half an hour late.

5 mins after take off Georgia asks 'Are we at Disneyworld yet?' This does not bode well.
We have 3 films on the plane Deep Impact (which Tammy and I have already seen) Hercules (hooray!) and Shooting Fish which really help to pass the time.
The food is also very good. We get a main meal, an ice cream to eat while watching the films and a cream tea with scone, jam and clotted cream.
I think I could recommend Caledonian to anyone.
After all my fears the girls are actually very good on the flight.
We arrive at Sanford in a storm and the last few minutes of the flight are a little bumpy. I can tell this not only from the movement of the plane but also by the shade of white that Tammy's knuckles have turned.

We disembark on to a bus in the pouring rain and the short sprint from the plane leaves us soaked.
Customs is the next hurdle and we wait in a queue for 1 hours. Thanks a lot Sanford. By the time get through customs we have no trouble retrieving the luggage, in fact mine has started to gather dust!
Car collection is another time consuming process and we finally clear the airport at 5:00.

Enough moaning. We are off down the Greenway which is fine and takes us straight into Disneyworld , after a few tolls. The only thing I miss about coming down I4 or 192 is that there are no wonderful signs to tell us we have arrived.
Drive passed the new McDonalds (hmm...very strange looking place) and into the All Star Music.
Check-in is very smooth and we are allocated a room in Calypso, 2nd floor, courtyard view just as we requested. Thank you Disney.
If you want to be close to the food hall, shop and bus stops then this is the building for you.
Our room was fine for the whole holiday, we had absolutely no problem with noise.

Unpack, then straight on the bus to Epcot. I don't know if I mentioned it but we have length of stay passes.
It is, of course, still raining and I am beginning to wonder if we have made the right decision as Georgia falls asleep on the bus.
India is very excited and Georgia wakes up as we exit the bus and make our way to the main gate. Our first close up view of Spaceship Earth is, as always, stunning. It is an amazing sight at night as you look up at this huge purple, shining ball hanging above you.
No lines, we can't resist, we're on!
The girls enjoy it, except Georgia is not keen on the men with the funny faces. We eventually work out that she means the audioanimatronic actors with the tragic masks.
Outside to briefly watch the dancing fountain. Two beautiful views within 15 mins, not bad eh? Now, I don't care what you all think, this is MY fountain and India will challenge anyone who says it isn't.
We get something to eat in the Electric Umbrella. By the way, I will probably not mention what we actually eat unless it is an exceptional meal. Too many hot dogs otherwise.

We leave at 8:30 to avoid the crowds.
The girls have now been up since 6:30 UK time and it is now the equivalent of 2:00 am. Neither has complained very much, it must be the excitement. On the way back to the room we stop to buy the refillable mugs, excellent value for money, especially if you are staying 2 weeks.
The girls are in bed at 10:00. Someone must hit them over the head while I am in the loo (sorry, bathroom) because when I come back out they are out to the world.

Except for the weather and the delays at Sanford airport an excellent start to the holiday.