DAY 1 - WED 16th SEPT 1998

Well, we have returned and depression has set in.
Now, if I'm going to be depressed then all of you have to suffer too, so here is the start of our very long and incredibly tedious trip report.
A word of warning. Don't read this in bed, it's better than any sleeping pill.

Let's start by reviewing the list of characters in this tale of happiness and joy.

Me, Kevin, 40. For those of you that read my pre-trip report (and you are still reading this?, you must be a glutton for punishment) you already know about my youthful good looks, wit, charm, intelligence and ability to lie through my teeth.
I'm the Disney fanatic and slowly working on my wife. (Now there's a double entendre if ever I've heard one).
The children are also being brainwashed. I tell you, just I few more hours of sleep deprivation in front of Disney videos and I will have them in my power.
'Where do we want to go on holiday this year girls?'
(Chanting in unison) 'Disney, Disney, Disney.'
'Sorry, Tam you are out voted 3 to 1 again.'
Which brings me nicely on to.......

Tammy, my wife, 34 and still a bit of a babe.
Some people seemed to think that it was inappropriate for me to call my wife a babe in my pre-trip report but let me tell you she was preening herself for days after that remark. I know how to keep my woman happy.
Blonde but definitely not a bimbo, we compliment each other very well.
Tam will have an input into this trip report, probably by censoring the more insensitive parts. What do you mean she's failed already?
She may even add the odd comment here and there.

India, 7, (8 in November). Bubbly, happy most of the time, talkative when in the right mood.
She thinks she is going to do nearly all the rides. Let's hope this is not bravado.

Georgia, 4, (5 on October 18th). When in a good mood she is lovely. Unfortunately she does like her own way and anyone that prevents her from getting her way is usually treated to a full scale sulk complete with copious crocodile tears. This girl could weep for England.
Obviously all the girls bad points come from their mother as, you already appreciate, their father can do no wrong.

OK. On with the report.
I will do this on a day to day basis so it will take almost as long to complete as the holiday itself, so sorry if you are one of those people that likes their trip reports all in one lump.

We are going to stay overnight at a hotel by the airport as it prevents a really early start tomorrow and adds an extra day to the holiday.
We pack up the car and leave our West Country home at 10:00, stopping to drop off the dog, Duke, at my mothers. We all line up to say goodbye to him but he is more interested in the bone he has been given as way of compensation. Flippin' ungrateful hound.
He will probably get more fuss and attention staying with my mother than he normally gets at home so don't feel too sad for him.

We stop for lunch with Tammy's Godmother who lives quite close to Gatwick airport and in her garden she shows us a little visitor she often gets. Lying on her lawn is a small deer. Wow, imagine having your very own Bambi. She tells us that it does have it's downside as the deer eat everything in sight, including the rose bushes.

Off to the Ramada Hotel at 3:00.
It is a lovely sunny day, which is just as well considering the weather that we have to come. More of that later.
We have a swim in the indoor pool and a soak in the hot tub, Georgia finally enjoys herself after a brief tantrum because we do not have her armbands
We then get the car out and drive into the airport for a look quick look around, mostly to get in the holiday spirit and a beer in a pub.
Back to the Ramada where Tammy takes the girls up to the room to watch her soaps while I retire to the bar for a pint or two while I watch football on the TV. Man Utd 3 Barcelona 3, in case you are interested. You're not? Oh, sorry.
By the way, the lawn areas at the Ramada are teeming with rabbits. Bambi and Thumper in one day!
All the females are in bed by the time I get back to the room.
Georgia wakes up once in the night as it is quite dark in the room and her state of mind has not been helped by India who was apparently whispering to her about monsters just before they went to sleep. Older sisters, eh.
Overall thoughts on the Ramada (in case you are English and thinking of staying there), not bad and at 110 for a family room with two weeks free parking it is fairly good value. I think we may try somewhere else next time, though.

Right, that's the first day finished.
Now I know it had nothing directly to do with Disney but stick with me here, this is just scene setting. Besides this is MY trip report and if you don't like it then a large raspberry to you. :-)