DAY 15 - WEDS 30th SEPT

Up at 8:30.
We decide on a relaxing day at Blizzard Beach before meeting Ronnie and her family in Epcot tonight.
Breakfast is at the food court. The food here is OK but not brilliant, it is more convenience eating than cordon bleu.

We arrive at Blizzard Beach at 10:15 and station ourselves beside the main pool area.
India and I go up on the chair lift while Tammy walks up with Georgia. Once again we do the family raft ride and then over to Runoff Rapids before we return to base camp as Georgia is not feeling too well.
She has a nice long sleep to recharge her batteries while India takes turns with Tammy and I to do some other slides.

Me and India have a great time on the Toboggan Racers, which I, of course, win, due to my skill and dexterity. Or was it because I pushed off a bit earlier than the rest of the racers?
We also try the Snowstormers which is OK but not as good as the Toboggan thing.

India has a lot of fun messing about in the wave pool.
We obviously do not have enough time to do Summit Plummet or I would have done it. Honest!

On previous trips I have preferred Typhoon Lagoon because I think it is better themed and more relaxing. I think it probably just about still gets my vote but we have spent much more time at Blizzard Beach on this visit and I must admit that the slides are probably better here.
I also think that Disney learned a few lessons with their first big water park and that some improvements were implemented when they opened Blizzard Beach.
The most obvious one is that you do not have to roll your raft to the top for the family ride, which is also longer and more thrilling than at Typhoon Lagoon.
The children's areas are also much better, with older children catered for in the Ski Patrol Training Camp.

Anyway, after a shower back at the hotel we are on our way to Epcot at 4:30.
We go straight on to Spaceship Earth for one last time. Tammy likes the end of this better now, with the twinkling light effects illustrating global communication.
It is raining as we leave and we try to dodge the showers as we head for the boat to Germany.
I cannot really moan about the weather, this is the first rain that we have seen for a few days. I have read trip reports from about the same time, that some people thought it was hot for the time of the year. Well, after the first week that we had, you will find no complaints from me on that score, we were just pleased to see the sunshine.

We walk from the boat to the American Pavilion as we intend to do the American Adventure. Unfortunately the next show is at 6:20 and we are due to meet Ronnie at 6:30, so we have to give it a miss.
If it comes to a choice between Ronnie and the American Adventure, Ronnie wins every time.

As we have a while left, I do what I normally do when confronted with minor disappointments. Have a beer.
We walk to Japan for the girls to get their passports stamped and listen to the drummers for a while. Tammy says she has butterflies in her stomach because we are meeting Ronnie for the first time, I have to give her some of my beer to settle her down. Man hath no greater love.

Even though we have seen quite a lot of World Showcase, I wish we had spent longer here. Sigh, it seems like two weeks is just not long enough to do everything anymore. Wait a minute, I have the solution. Three weeks next time! I knew the answer would come if I drank enough beer.

Back to Germany to meet with Ronnie.
We make our introductions and exchange gifts. I am now an honorary Atlanta Braves fan. Just in case you don't know Ronnie's family are husband Mike (top man, likes sport and not adverse to a beer), her daughter Jill (a pretty, fun little girl) and her mum (also named Ronnie and just as fun-loving as her daughter).
We have a table booked in the Biergarten right by the stage, which makes conversation difficult when the band are going full blast. They are good fun but I am quite pleased when they take a break so we can have a chat.

The food is not bad, all-you-can-eat buffet with beef, chicken, German sausage etc. I must admit that I did not notice the food too much as I was too busy talking, however the glass of red wine and Beck's beer were excellent.

We chat about what we have done and what Ronnie is going to do and I give my thoughts on the Animal Kingdom, which you are all probably bored silly with by now.

OK, what do you imagine Ronnie to be like?
Happy? Friendly? Full of fun? Bright? Witty? Let me tell you she is all of these things and more. She makes us feel completely at ease very quickly. We could not have had a more wonderful end to a wonderful holiday than to have spent our last evening with Ronnie and her family.

Poor Georgia is still not feeling any better and has nothing to eat, she either sits in her stroller or on Tammy's lap. It is a real pity as I am sure she would have had great fun running around with India and Jill.

After eating we walk around World Showcase as it rains on and off, Mike and I having a beer or two on the way and discussing one of the things that bonds men together the world over. Sport. It doesn't even matter that the sports are different. Mike is a baseball fan and I like football. (er.. soccer). Sport is sport.

We end up in the UK (obviously) to watch Illuminations and have a proper pint of beer.
India and Jill get on marvellously. India is still frightened of the fireworks and spends much of the time running in and out of the restroom with Jill, who I think is pretending to be frightened to make India feel better.

After Illuminations Georgia starts crying, so it is time to make our way home. As we pass Spaceship Earth I have to pause for a minute to look up and say farewell for another holiday. And of course a fond last gaze at 'our fountain'.

We all return to the All Star Music and say our goodbyes. The only problem with the whole evening is that it has just been too short. Let me advise you that if you have a chance to meet Ronnie, then take it. You will not regret it.

Georgia goes to bed but India asks if she can go for one last swim. I agree to take her and lie on a sunbed (is it a moonbed at night?) while she splashes around.

Bed at 11:30.