DAY 14 - TUES 29th SEPT

The girls are somewhat reluctant to get out of bed this morning, but it's amazing what you can achieve with a cattle prod.
Off to the Animal Kingdom. It's getting a bit sad now, as every park we visit will be for the last time on this trip. Oh, snap out of it man, still two full days left yet.

We arrive at 8:20 at head straight to the Kilimanjaro Safari. The wait is already 15 mins
There are not so many animals today and the driver seems to speed past things a little but this is still a truly great attraction.
On to the Festival of the Lion King, where India insists we must be lions this time. This is well worth seeing a second time. (Or third or fourth come to that.)

The Pocahontas show is next. This is a fairly cute animal show which is more for the children than anything. Unfortunately one or two of the animals decide they do not want to play today, which all adds to the fun. What is it with these Pocahontas's (Pocahonti?) another very attractive lady. Perhaps I'm just a sucker for long black hair.

A walk to Dinoland sees a stop on the way for frozen bananas, a Mickey bar and a frozen strawberry bar. Well, that is enough to keep Tammy going, now what are me and the girls going to eat?
The girls have fun in the Boneyard while Tammy and I take turns in Countdown to Extinction. It is even better second time around, I spend the whole ride laughing and having fun.
Some people seem to think that it is too dark, but just how are the dinosaurs going to jump out at you if it is light?
Oh look, there is a huge, ferocious dinosaur up there, I wonder if it will leap out and scare me in a couple of minutes?
Was a Carnataurus a real dinosaur or did Disney dream it up?
Why am I asking you all these questions?

Oh, by the way, the CM that is loading this ride asks about my RADP pin. When I tell him he says that he has seen several people wearing them that day. Unfortunately, I did not see any of them.

Off to It's Tough to be a Bug again. Another too short walk through the roots of the Tree of Life and we are ready to go. This is also better second time around as the theatre is full to capacity and the screams add to the fun.

We have lunch in the Flame Tree Barbecue, which is good and we sit outside overlooking the river in almost complete isolation.
A sad moment as we have to leave the park and bid farewell to the Tree of Life but we take our time walking through the Oasis to take in as much as possible.

A swim, sleep and shower later India and I are up for E ticket night.
We arrive at the Magic Kingdom at 6:15 and get our wristbands. We were going to Ariel's Grotto to get the girls autograph books signed, there are only about a dozen or so people in line but we hear a CM say that it will be a 20 min wait so we do not bother. This must be an awful long wait during the day judging by some of the queues we have seen here.

Snow White is a walk on and we also fit in the Skyway to Tomorrowland and back again, plus a dash to Peter Pan before the 7:00 closing time.
Bye bye all you non E ticket people, we have got 3 hours of fun to come.
First is Splash Mountain, which we walk on to. We are hoping that nobody will be queuing up so we can go again, but there are. Spoilsports, why can't they let us have the park all to ourselves. Actually there are times tonight when it seems like we have.

Big Thunder Mountain has the only queues of the night. A full 5 mins!
Pirates of the Caribbean is strange because the maintenance lights came on half way through and stayed on until the end. Spoils the illusion somewhat but it certainly was interesting.

The Haunted Mansion is creepier at night. Why is that? after all the ride is indoors.
A walk over to Tomorrowland sees us on the Timekeeper. I cannot do Space Mountain or Alien Encounter as India is still a little too young and I know she would be scared silly. I try to get her to sit in a restroom for half an hour while I ride but she doesn't seem very keen. (Joking, joking!)
Back over to do Splash, Big Thunder and the Haunted Mansion again. India gets frightened in the Mansion as a couple of young lads are shouting and screaming at the top of their voices and I explain to her that they are just showing off and they are probably more scared than she is. She seems unconvinced and I'm not surprised, not one of my better 'feel good' speeches.
The CM's here certainly have more fun at night. A couple in front of us give the lady CM a bit of cheek as we are getting into the doom buggies and she gestures to the man, who quietly walks round to the opposite side of the buggy from behind, leans in and shouts 'BOO'.
I think one of the girls inside is still screaming now.

A hot dog at Casey's (the food is pretty limited on E ticket nights) and a large gungy, sticky slice of chocolate cake at the Main Street Bakery completes our evening.
As we walk back down Main Street we have to keep stopping to look back at the castle. I have lost count of the times I have said to India 'Look and remember because it will be a while before we will be back'.


Meanwhile Georgia and I are off for a girls night out in Epcot - (Tammy). We do both the rides in Mexico and Norway then stop in Germany at the Kidstop for Georgia to make a Robin Hood type green paper hat. Find the passport stop in USA then stop for food - always very important in my book. I have a chicken deluxe burger and fries and Georgia has more fries (just for a change!). We sit in USA opposite the stage, the lights are twinkling and the samba music from the stage adds to the magical feel as it is now dark and everything is looking beautiful. Eventually decide to try and finish Georgia's passport but have no luck finding anyone in Japan but more luck in Morocco and France. By now more than half an hour has passed and I'm sure my blood sugar level must be below par - after all I don't want to faint when I have sole control of a four year old. So straight to the Patisserie for a custard slice - absolutely wonderful - but so big I have to take it back to the room for Kev to sample in the morning. My only complaint about France is that there are too many cakes to choose from - what's a girl to do. Make a mental note to try and sample at least one every visit to the World Showcase on our next trip - that way I should have a good idea of whether they are up to standard!!

Georgia is by now not feeling very well - must be watching her mother devour all this food that does it. Anyway I tell her that if she doesn't want to stay for fireworks I will be a good mother and put up with, I mean enjoy, Journey Into Imagination (one of my least favourite rides). I put a brave face on it and am rewarded when she says she feels a bit better now. So we decide to make the most of Kev's absence and have a look in the Emporium before leaving. In case you didn't already gather two of my most favourite things are eating and shopping - in either order or if possible at the same time. Georgia buys another of her 'must haves' here - believe it or not one of those large WDW bags with string handles that cost $2.50 - she is very easily pleased.

Off to the bus stop and with dismay I note that we are at the end of a very long queue and will have to stand all the way back. Now for my one major gripe of our stay - why oh why don't people pay more attention to the little ones left to stand on the buses. Poor Georgia was stood clutching my legs right near the stairwell and no-one offered her a seat. The worst offenders seem to be the Japanese who I have never once witnessed offering anyone a seat. In my opinion it is obvious how dangerous it is for children to try and hang on in a crowded bus and far safer for an adult to hang onto the overhead rail, but I suppose people just think, I've got a seat, I'm all right. Anyway end of whinge - we got home safely needless to say and straight to bed.