Written by Tam

Participants: Tam, Kev, India and Georgia

The news today is all about the American election, which is being held tomorrow.

We decide to go for the walk through the Nature Reserve to the southernmost tip of North Captiva and to Redfish Pass the stretch of water that separates the island from Captiva Island. The islands were once joined but in 1921 a hurricane created the Pass that now keeps them apart.
We walk along the inland path of the nature reserve and this leads to the beach to continue south – we pass lots of birds in the trees and on the shore and we also see two eagles in their huge nest.

At the shore at the southern most point you can clearly see the South Seas Plantation of Captiva Island. We stop on the beach and have water, granola bars and apples.
The beaches are strewn with some lovely shells and also some very fragile sand dollars – some of which are perfect but alas are just too delicate to get home in one piece. We also see dolphins swimming out in the sea.

Get back to the villa at lunchtime – luckily it was quite cloudy this morning so the longish walk wasn’t too hot.
We prepare lunch – barbecue some burgers and make some margaritas. After the girls swim and Kev and I set out on the bikes but the tyres need blowing up and it is hard work on the soft sand so instead we go out on the cart all round the island past the airstrip and back.

The girls and I play Rummikub and yet again Georgia trounces us. India’s highlight of today is when the weatherman on the TV says “ Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but rain is forecast for tomorrow – Election Day”.

For supper tonight we have king prawn linguine with garlic and lemon followed by the remainder of the coconut cream pie and free key lime pie that Dave gave us last night.
We get the Wii out and I actually win at ten pin bowling and get a record score – not sure how that happened. We then play Wii golf and baseball – Georgia wins those and Kev wins at the tennis