Day 10 - Saturday 19th September 2015

Written by Kev

Sally (Susan’s sister), Shelly and Gabi are driving down from Muskogee to day and spending the night with us. The main reason for this is to watch Oklahoma University v Tulsa on TV. Tam and I are going kayaking first, so we get up at 7.30am for breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and freshly ground coffee. The rest of the group arise and start their breakfast as Tam and I leave the cabin at 8.35am to drive to Wild Goose Canoeing.
I underestimate the time it takes as it’s out in the country a little way and we get slightly lost before arriving at 9.15am. We were supposed to be there at 9.00am, but they are fine about it and we soon set off with Greg (the owner of the business) to drive to the start of our 5-mile kayaking trip. With this company they drive you to your start point, then you kayak back to where you left your car.

Greg is very pleasant company on our short journey and tells us about some of the history of the area. He also tells us that he’s just bought into a craft beer brewing company not far from our log cabin and they sell Beaver’s Bend Craft Beer at The Grateful Head restaurant and bar. We’ll have to look out for that if we go in there again.
Greg drops us (and our kayak) off and we enter the water to start our 5-mile journey. There are one or two patches where there are some gentle rapids and we run aground on rocks in a couple of places, but a bit of pushing with the paddles and wiggling in the boat sets us free.


It’s wonderfully peaceful. For the entire 5 miles we don’t see a single other boat apart from 2 guys out doing a spot of fishing.
We paddle gently along and see many different sorts of birds along with hundreds of turtles sunning themselves on rocks and branches sticking out of the water. I think this is one of the highlights of the whole trip for Tam.


Back at Wild Goose Canoeing we chat to the staff for a while (everybody in this part of the world wants to talk to you when you have a British accent) and then drive back to Broken Bow to pick up some bread and milk. We also try to get some wine for Deb and Matt at a couple of liquor stores. Deb is very particular about her wine and they only have big brand name wines in these places, so we decide to stop at Girls Gone Wine and see what that’s like. This place is run by 3 ladies who own a vineyard and make their own wines. There is a large gift shop and a tasting room where Tam and I sample a couple of the products. They may not be the height of quality, but they taste pretty good to us, so we buy a couple of bottles and return to the cabin.

Sally, Shelly and Gabi have already arrived and are busy watching the game on TV. Tam and I shower and change and then join them all. The ladies have brought with them an amazing array of game food. There are all sorts of crisps and such to eat along with a wide variety of dips. There are also some lovely small rolls filled with ham and cheese and topped with herbs. These are served warm and are delicious.
Shelly has brought a sort of cheese dip in a heated football that adds to the fun.

We watch the game, which is close at one point until Oklahoma University stretch away to win quite comfortably in the end.
We all go and sit on the porch to chat and enjoy beer, wine and margaritas. After a while it gets a little warm, so we return inside where a number of silly games are tried to various levels of success, but much hilarity anyway.

It’s now getting towards evening and I go out to light the fire and arrange the chairs around it.
We sit around the campfire and enjoy the warm night. Susan and Gabi collect the dry pine needles that are scattered all over the ground to throw on the fire occasionally to provide our own small firework display as they spark in the flames. We are simple folk with simple needs. The ladies decide to have a go at s'mores, mostly successfully.

Tam and Gabi decide to take a dip in the hot tub and me, Shelly and Susan join them, although our commitment to the task is not as great as we only sit on the edge and dip our toes in.
Back inside the cabin we finish the evening off watching another college football game while continuing to snack on the remaining food. Susan and Shelly do a stellar job of cleaning up the kitchen and dining area while the rest of us lazy devils relax on the sofas.

We all start to feel a bit sleepy and I slip off to bed at 11.00pm.