Just a few general thoughts and comments on our trip, in no particular order and probably of no particular interest, but you're going to get them anyway!
Anyway, if you've stuck with it this long, you may as well see it through to the bitter end.

Cleanliness: I saw very little evidence of general decay. Some of the things I had read led me to believe that standards have slipped badly but I saw little change from our last visit.
Maybe I look at things with a non-critical eye.
Certainly the whole place is getting bigger and bigger, Downtown Disney being a prime example. This must make it impossible for a first timer to see everything.

Things that still give me the shivers: The end of Beauty and the Beast. Fireworks in the Magic Kingdom, 3 or 4 songs in the Hunchback of Notre Dame, many things in the Animal Kingdom, the film sequence at the end of the Great Movie Ride.

Buses: Excellent. Barely a wait beyond 10 mins. The only problem is if you want to move between the resorts when swapping of buses can take a little while.
Tammy wrote a bit about people not giving up their seats on buses, especially the Japanese. I must say that I saw unbelievable numbers of ignorant people who seem to think that it is fine to let children and elderly people stand as long as THEY have THEIR comfy little seat.
I must say I didn't notice any one particular nationality, I think selfishness has no borders.
When on a full bus Tammy, India, Georgia and I would always squeeze into 2 seats even though we had bags and a stroller with us while others seemed to think it was fine to let their precious little 2 year old have a seat all to themselves.
What is wrong with some of these men? (and women). Perhaps I'm old fashioned but to see someone struggling while you look on uncaring is pretty callous.
Mind you I offered my seat to a lady one day and when she declined her husband said to her 'You must be looking old.' I'm sorry, I didn't know there was an age limit on good manners.
Phew! That's better, I think I needed a good rant, I feel fine now.

Animal Kingdom: You are all probably bored silly at the way I have kept on praising this park but I can't help it, genius is genius.
I realise that there is bound to be a novelty factor involved for me as it was my first visit but the rides and shows just blew me away. I understand the view that there are not as many attractions as at the other parks but I tend to step back and see the place as a whole rather than a number of separate parts. By this I mean that the whole park seems to be one big attraction with so much to see and do even when just walking around.
I also understand that it must be very crowded in high season but was perfectly manageable for us during late September.

Weather: One bad week, one good week. After such a bad start with almost non-stop rain, we could not have been happier with the second week. Hot maybe, but give me hot over wet any day. Overall we can at least say we had a bit of everything, even the threat of a hurricane.

Crowds: Very light. Most everything was a walk on, except for the big attractions at peak times of the day, which we just avoided. Kilimanjaro Safari was our longest wait and that was our own fault for hitting it in the middle of the day.

Things we missed: Tammy had really wanted to do the marshmallow roast at Fort Wilderness but mostly due to the bad weather we didn't get to do this.
We never got to Beaches and Cream either, which will leave a large hole in Tammy's life until the next time we go, despite valiant attempts to fill it with all kinds of sweet temptations from World Showcase.
Also missed the Jungle Cruise (rehab), American Adventure and British Invasion.
When you look at it like that, it makes you appreciate how much we did do.
Next trip we will try to spend more time in World Showcase, Pleasure Island (especially the Adventurers Club) and the Boardwalk. Funny how these all seem to be open well into the night and serve beer. What an amazing coincidence.
Maybe India and Georgia's 'to do' list will vary from mine slightly, let's hope they never bring in 'one person, one vote' into this family or I am in serious trouble.

All Star Movies: From our balcony we could see the construction work going on. Most of the buildings are complete, just one or two at the bottom end are still being built.
The Mighty Ducks has large hockey nets for the end stairwells with skates and giant ice hockey sticks along the rails.
101 Dalmatians has bones along the rails and Pongo and Perdita are in place as the giant central icons. There are fire hydrants as the end stairwells, which is quite strange because the film is supposed to be set in London and we don't have hydrants above the ground in the UK.

CM's: There seemed to be many more in the Animal Kingdom than the other parks and they were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.
I think that generally there were more elderly CM's and some handicapped people too. I think this is an excellent improvement as they were, with one or two minor exceptions, friendly and helpful beyond even the normal high standard.

Housekeeping: The maid(s) were very good and we had fun seeing how the cuddly toys were arranged on our return every day. We had them watching TV (remote in hand), reading a park map etc.
We left a tip at the end of the first week and again at the end of the holiday. We left the last tip being held by Mickey and Minnie and a note saying 'Thank you for looking after us so well' and signed by Mickey. When we returned we found a reply to Mickey and friends saying how much she had enjoyed looking after them. However, Goofy had gone missing. We eventually found him on top of the light. This seemed very fitting as he was an explorer Goofy from the Animal Kingdom.

Sanford Airport: This place is just not geared up for the number of people that it has to deal with. If I ever get a choice in the future then I would prefer to fly into Orlando International.

Missing Music: Many of the changes we saw were for the better but I do miss some of the old music. Tomorrow's Child, Listen to the Land, Now is the Best Time of Our Lives, and the old Illuminations are just a few.

Food: We had some really wonderful meals on this trip but if had to pick just one it would be 'Ohanas because it seems to typify what Disney dining is all about, good food in a lovely setting and a fun atmosphere.

Overall, did we have a good time?: You bet your ...... er, I mean, yes we most certainly did. There are certain things that lose their 'first time' impact when you are doing it for the 5th time but there is so much new every time we go that the magic is maintained.
The girls loved it all, even if they did get tired at times. We will try to set a more leisurely pace next time. No chance, I say that every time and it never happens.

Well, that is finally it. It was hard going but a labour of love.
Thanks very much to all of you who have either e-mailed me or posted messages saying how much you have enjoyed my little(?) report, it is very encouraging to know that I did not make a complete ass of myself.

I have left the best news of all until last.

Good news: We have booked our next trip.

Better news: We are going for the millennium, flying out on December 29th 1999.

Even better news: We are staying for 3 weeks.

Best news of all: We are staying on- site! That's right, we have reservations for 1 week at the All Star Movies followed by 2 weeks at Dixie Landings. My mother is coming with us ( she has been twice before) so we have 2 rooms at the Movies and will all squeeze into 1 room at the Dixie Landings.

We had planned for ages to be in Florida for the turn of the century but I still can't quite believe that we have been lucky enough to get rooms in Disney.
The countdown clock has been set and the long wait begins.