Day 8 October 2017

Written by Kev

We're all up around 8.00 am and are on the bus to Epcot by 9.00 am.

Another lovely sunrise from the balcony.

We go straight to the Sunshine Seasons in The Land for breakfast, which turns out to be pretty average. I have the usual scrambled eggs, bacon etc. I hadn't realised than many of the food options are not available until lunch time.
On to Soarin' Around The World. This is our first time since the upgrade and we enjoy it greatly. The transitions between the scenes are a bit jarring, but some of the scenes are breathtaking.
Journey Into Imagination is next, which turns out not to be a good move as it takes over 20 minutes to get on even though the wait time is listed as 5 minutes. We wouldn't have bothered if we'd known. This is the worst ride for Charlie so far, he doesn't get it at all and I can see his point, it's quite dated now.
Back to The Land where we ride Living With The Land. It's as enjoyable as ever - the ladies are going to do the Behind The Seeds tour later in the holiday while Charlie and I go off to make complete chumps of ourselves attemting to play golf again.

The Living Seas is next where we spend a fascinating few minutes watching the manatees before having a look in the big tank where there are several divers attempting to catch a large stingray. They lure it with food into a net they have set up on the floor of the aquarium.

A quick go on the Nemo ride and we're back on the bus to Old Key West where we spend 90 minutes at the pool enjoying the sunshine before showering and getting ready to go out again.

These photos show how much bigger than all the other DVC resorts the rooms at Old Key West are, especially the balcony.

We all have a rum and coke on the balcony and Tam calls an Uber to get us to The Boardwalk at 4.30 pm.

We go to the Abracadabar where I have a Magic Manhatten. This is a lovely bar, it must be really nice at night, but a little on the small side.

We have to get round to the Yachtsman's Steakhouse for our ADR, so our server puts the remainder of our drinks into plastic cups to drink on the way round.
We enjoy our meal here very much. The steak is always good, but the best thing is that the meal is quite slow paced, you are never rushed as we are in the restaurant for over two hours, which is not always the case in Disney restaurants. I have the New York Strip Steak and we share a bottle of Conundrum red wine. Dessert is Key Lime Parfait. As we are on the dining plan the total bill is $70 for the 5 of us, which we make up to $160 with gratuity as the service has been very good.

After the meal we walk into Epcot and get a Moosehead and watch Reflections of Earth from Canada. None of us are ready to go home yet, so we exit the park and get a bus to Disney Springs where we go to The House of Blues where a band are just finishing up.

Our next stop is the outside bar at The Boathouse. I have a margarita as we sit on one of the comfy sofas by the dock surrounded by the beautiful speed boats. I can't believe how quiet it is as we are the only ones there and we can hear the live music from inside the restaurant. It's all very pleasant and we thoroughly enjoy this part of Disney Springs - as you've probably guessed the shops are not really my thing.

We get the bus back to Old Key West and Charlie and I have a final beer on the balcony before bed at 1.45 am.

Day 8 video