DAY 11 - SAT 26th SEPT

We have a lie in today and as the sleep slowly drains away from me, my brain finally registers the full horror of the day ahead.
The very mention of the word is enough to strike fear into the heart of any real man.
Tammy's eyes are misting over and she is staring off into the distance in a sort of trance murmuring 'shopping, shopping, shopping'.

Oh well, lets get it over with.
We arrive at the Belz Factory Outlet around 11:00. The Character Warehouse takes a hammering with a Tigger sweatshirt for me and a Pooh for Tam. The girls get books and hats and various presents are bought.
This place is great for authentic Disney merchandise at reduced rates. We find an Alice in Wonderland poster for $3.99, the same posters in the Animation Gallery are $25.

Tam and I both buy Caterpillar boots and shoes, Tammy also buys a pair of Levis.

Two and a half hours have now elapsed and I am beginning to show minor signs of irritation, you know, snarling, snapping, kicking small children. A word of advice, if you must vent your anger on children, pick the small ones, the bigger ones tend to fight back.

We leave and stop off at a supermarket to buy lots of sweets for family members, work colleagues etc.

I think we have spent too long away from WDW, Tammy thinks we have not spent long enough shopping. On the next trip we will compromise, I will drop Tammy off shopping for the day while I go somewhere else. The girls can choose where they go.

Back at the All Star Music we have a quick swim and a shower before we are off to DisneyQuest to use our flex feature. We get there around 6:00 and queue for a short while before we get in with 80 credits each.
The lift is fun with the Genie welcoming you and putting on a short show until you arrive at the 3rd floor.
Tammy and I go on the Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam which is good fun, the winner from each game gets to stay on for nothing. Tammy says her legs feel like jelly afterwards whereas I, being the perfect physical specimen, am fine. Years of playing soccer have moulded me into top condition. (cough, cough, cough.)

The girls then get to do all sorts of fun things like making stickers and morphing their faces into all sorts of funny shapes. I get up upset when someone thinks that I look better after the silly features have been added.
Tam and I have a go at the Aladdin flying carpet ride which is very clever.
We all have a go on the Virtual Raft Ride, which is fun and not too rough.

Dinner is at the Cheesecake Factory. I had read that the food here was good and they were not wrong. Tammy and I have Teriyaki Chicken Wrap while the girls have their usual fries. They have lived on french fries for 2 weeks but we consider this is OK as they are on holiday. Back to the usual gruel and water when they get home.
Tammy finds what she has been looking for all holiday - hot fudge brownie sundae. Her expert opinion, very good but not up to the same high standard as the sundae in Port Orleans. We all have to attack this thing but it still doesn't get finished. How can one person eat this? Looking around at some of the people answers that question.

On to the Alien Encounter thing, which I do with two young lads. It helps to do this with someone who knows how to fly this thing. We rescue 23 colonists from the aliens, due mostly to my expert skills as a tail gunner.

Tammy then starts to queue up for Ride the Comix. Here is where things start to go amiss. Of the 12 stations, 8 are down and only 4 in use. While Tammy queues me and the girls play the silly little games where you get tickets.
Tam has to queue for over half an hour, which is ridiculous when you consider that there were very few people ahead of her and that we have had virtual walk ons for nearly everything in the parks.
Mind you, it is quite funny watching people waving these imaginary swords around in front of them, locked in their own little world.

By this time we have about 400 tickets and go to redeem them. The queue is big and hardly moves in 15 mins. We are supposed to be going to Pleasure Island and you can tell I'm slightly miffed by the wisps of steam coming from my ears.
We give up on this, much to the horror of the girls who have set their hearts on some horrendous piece of brightly coloured plastic, and tears ensue.

To sum up DisneyQuest: Good fun but don't go on a Saturday night. Allow at least 3 - 4 hours. I don't think I would pay a lot of money for this but as a flex feature it's great.
What is this American fascination with amusement machines that give tickets for prizes that you could buy at a tenth of the cost? Strange. Before you all shout at me, I also know the answer, Kids love 'em.

It is now 10:00 and we are going to the Adventurers Club come what may. I know that I have said in the past that children are out of place later in the evening at Pleasure Island but this will be our last chance to visit on this holiday so we open the nearest window and hurl our principles as far as we can.

India is tired and playing up a bit. She is doing the monkey walk that all children do when tired. Head down, shoulders slumped, knuckles scraping on the ground. I know she will love the Adventurers Club so in we go.

Georgia falls asleep but India loves it.
The library is out of action for some reason so all the entertainment takes place in the main lounge, mask room and treasure room. India is in her element, watching everything, laughing, trying to sing along. Anyone that says children shouldn't go to the Adventurers Club should have been there to watch her.
Tammy has a Kungaloosh for the first time, which is excellent.

I wish we could stay longer but decide we should leave as it is now approaching 11:30. We walk back through the West Side. It is the first time that I have really stopped to look at it.
I suppose the whole area has grown so much that I miss the more intimate feel that it used to have but the restaurants look lovely at night, except the House of Blues which looks suitably grotty. My only real moan is that I will never have enough time or money to try them all, at least not on one trip.

We stop off at DisneyQuest to try and redeem the tickets again but the queue is still huge at 11:45. Something must be seriously wrong here as I can see a couple of skeletons towards the front.

Just as the bus pulls in at 12:00 we see the New Years Eve fireworks going off from Pleasure Island. Just another small joy that adds up to the overall miracle that is a Disney holiday.