DAY 10 - FRI 25th SEPT

We allow the girls to sleep in until 8:30.
Breakfast in the room and then a debate about what we are going to do. We are undecided as the weather forecast calls for heavy thunderstorms and wind - chance of rain 100%, but the morning looks not too bad so we decide to go to Disney MGM Studios.

Before we leave the resort I think that I had better check with Guest Relations about Rock n Rockets. Imagine my surprise when I am told that it has been cancelled.
This is a real let down. What is annoying is that, had I not bothered to check then we would have turned up expecting it to be on. No one from Disney contacted us to inform us that it was cancelled. I know they could have left a message on the phone easily enough as we had a message a day or two before telling us that the shop at the resort was to close 2 hours early. They should surely have let their guests know that a major ticketed event was not to be held.
I actually agree that safety comes first and that if there was any doubt about the weather, then they were correct to call it off but I am angry that no one bothered to tell us. I wonder how many people arrived at the site expecting it still to be on.

OK, this is not going to spoil our day. All we are going to miss is a few fireworks, there are many people who have lost their homes or even their lives due to Hurricane Georges.

This is the day that Georges hit the Keys so we feared the worst but, as you will see, this turned out to be just about the best day of the holiday to date weather wise. The sun came out once or twice and the breeze kept the temperature down. We had one downpour only that lasted less than 10 mins. It just goes to show the unpredictability of the Florida weather.

At the Studios: We are going to try to do most of the things we have not done yet and one or two that we want to do again. The Mulan parade has already been cancelled due to the predicted bad weather.
We started with the Backlot Tour which has changed from the last time I did it, it is now in 2 parts. Catastrophe Canyon is still impressive and neither of the girls is really scared.
On to the Saturday Morning Sound Show. This is one of the few changes that I do not like. The old Monster Sound Show with Martin Short was more fun and informative. The 101 Dalmatian show is too quick and does not make much sense. Also the lady that is on the stage must be after the record for getting through this show as fast as possible. She talks so quickly that it is a job to understand her, let alone take on board what she is saying.

Superstar TV has not changed much but is good to watch as it is different every time you see it dependent on the people picked. India enjoys this a lot and tries to get me to volunteer for everything. Likes to see her father squirm with embarrassment, I think.
By the way, it is the same lady that was doing the Sound Show, they must rotate between attractions. She seems better in this.

We return to the Hunchback of Notre Dame Show for the second time and are in better seats about 5 rows from the front, in the centre.
Randy the Juggler is on and is very entertaining, he is even more fun when things go wrong.
The Hunchback Show is even better second time round. If you ain't seen it yet, DO.

Over to Beauty and the Beast in order to watch at a more leisurely pace for the girls. We get the doves at the end this time, they were missing the first time we saw it.
This Gaston does not seem manly enough to me, lets face it the Beast would wipe the floor with him in a real dust up. Heck, I think Tammy could give him a good run for his money.

I am going to the Tower of Terror and India decides she will ride it. More guts than her mother, who chickens out again.
This is the first time I have ridden it with 2 drops and it is great fun especially the way you seem to hang at the top of the second drop. India is very brave and really enjoys it. This girl will ride Tower of Terror and Splash Mountain but doesn't want to do the Great Movie Ride again because of the gun fire!

We have a late lunch at 3:30 in the Hollywood Brown Derby.
Tammy and I share a Cobb Salad with chicken and a NY Strip Sirloin. I had to have the Cobb Salad as I have read so much about it. I'm glad I tried it but I don't think I would have it again, you have to like blue cheese to enjoy this.
The steak was fine and we split a Chocolate Pecan Bar for dessert, which is very good. The girls share a child's meal and the whole thing only costs $50 including drinks and tip.
Oh yes, the place is very nearly deserted.
The whole park has been quiet all day, I suppose many people stayed away anticipating bad weather.

The Magic of Disney Animation has also changed from the last time and the part where you meet a Disney artist is very informative. One thing that I learned is that they no longer colour cells by hand, it's all done with computer.
The film of classic Disney clips that they show at the end of this tour always brings a lump to my throat.
One of my favourite shops in WDW is the Animation Gallery. If I ever win the lottery I will have one room in my house dedicated to Disney and filled with beautiful statues, paintings and models from here and the Art of Disney store.

We can't make up our minds whether to do the Backstage Pass tour or not. In the end we do and I am very glad as we all really thought this was excellent. The little puppies they created for 101 Dalmatians are so lifelike Tammy wants to take one home.
There is a production on one of the soundstages called 'Mortal Kombat Conquest'. This must be a genteel period piece along the lines of Pride and Prejudice, I presume.
They end the tour with some of the props from 101 Dalmatians and this is great. The DeVil Mansion is amazing and we spend a little while looking around here when everyone else is gone.

Tammy runs over to Star Tours to get one last ride for India as the park is closing, while Georgia and I take a more leisurely stroll.

We had not intended to stay all day but had such fun that we couldn't leave.
The girls still seemed raring to go and it is such a nice evening that we head over to Epcot.

Straight to Mexico to ride the River of Time. This could have been such a good ride had they put in some audio animatronics instead of the cheesy films. It is still quite fun though, the fireworks at the end are a nice effect.

The girls buy the World Passports and get them stamped. This is something I would advise anyone with young children to do. Ours had great fun getting their books stamped and doing little things at the activity stops.

On to Norway. Maelstrom is still fun but I'm sure the oil rig section used to be darker and louder. Nearly everyone walks straight through the film as it is getting close to Illuminations. It must be very disheartening being a CM there.
The girls get their passports stamped and a make a little bracelet.
Outside we stop at the bakery for an open beef sandwich for me and rice cream for Tammy. She has been on about this all trip, having read about it on RADP. This has the requisite number of calories to qualify for the Tammy Stringer 'Mmm.. that's good' award.

I have acquired a Ringnes beer and we settle down to watch Illuminations half way between Norway and Mexico.
It is better without so much smoke but is still disjointed and unless you see one of the water screens square on, you miss a lot of the laser effects.
This time India manages to watch it all, albeit crouched with her fingers in her ears, but Georgia cries. I think they have a sort of pact, only one happy child allowed during the showing of Illuminations.
To be fair Georgia is very tired by this time, so........

Back to shower and bed.

After being disappointed at missing Rock n Rockets this turned into an amazing, fun Disney Day.