Day 19 - Tuesday 31st May 2022


Written by Kev

We have a lie in until 8.30 am. The plan today is a few hours in Disney's Hollywood Studios before some pool time and then dining at Topolino's Terrace in the Riviera Resort.
We leave at 10.00 am and get the boat to the studios. There's a sign that says 'Slow. No Wake'. Charlie says Georgia should have that sign on her door.

We briefly meet Susan, Anne and Rob. Susan says the 10 minute film promoting Lightyear (the new Buzz Lightyear) movie is worth seeing, so we go to watch. She's right, I think this will be a fun film to watch when it comes out. Next we meet Sharon, Keith, Evan and Nava and do the Muppets again.

The park is packed and it's impossible to keep a large group together and do things. Waits for the big rides are in excess of 2 hours in standby, so me, Tam, Charlie and the girls go to do Smugglers Run using the single rider line. We practically walk on and me, Tam and India are in the same group.

We leave the park and get the Skyliner back to Epcot where a boat is just pulling in, so we get that back to the Boardwalk. We get lunch from the bakery and eat in our room. Our plan for a couple of hours relaxing hits the buffers as Tam is still trying to sort out the stolen jewellery. They've sent a ridiculously convoluted form for Lost Property (it's clearly not been lost, it was stolen), so she goes to the front desk to try and sort it out. Again they are very good and promise to talk to Kidani and try to get a resolution. With all this going on our pool time is reduced to one hour.

After showering we are out of the room at 5.15 pm and walk to the International Gateway where we get the Skyliner to the Riviera Resort. It's a lovely way to travel and you get to see so much from the slowly moving gondolas. On arrival we spend some time looking around before going up to Topolino's where we get drinks and sit outside at the rooftop bar.

I think it's fair to say that we are all very impressed by the Riviera Resort. We will definitely stay here at some point in the future.

Georgia and Charlie try to work out why the draughts pieces are strange shapes.

Anne, Rob and Susan join us a short time later followed not long after by Sharon, Keith, Evan and Nava. Due to the stupidity of the Disney ADR system you cannot book large groups, so we are split into 3 different reservations. Tam asked when we checked in whether we could amalgamate the groups and the lady says she will do her best, but cannot guarantee anything.
The terrace is truly lovely with nice furnishings and wonderful views for miles around.

One of the CM's took this photo and a great job they did too.

We are seated in the restaurant at 7.45 pm and the best they can do is 2 tables of 6 in different areas of the restaurant, so Evan joins the 5 of us. It's a lovely restaurant with well spaced tables and nice levels of lighting from the chandeliers that Anne tells us are made to resemble pasta.

The 'pasta' chandeliers.

I have the pea soup starter and we all have the filet mignon. Both are excellent as is the Pinot Noir to go with it. There is a shared creme brulee dessert.

During the meal Harmonious starts at Epcot and you get a good view from the terrace with the music piped in. Quite a lot of people have gathered to watch, but we manage to see the second half of the show from the middle of the terrace.
The bill comes to $380 for the 5 of us with 10% DVC discount. Evan insists on paying for the wine, which is a lovely gesture. The other table of 6 are now going home, so we say our farewells before going back to the terrace for a final drink - I have a Modern Fashioned (the bars take on an Old Fashioned). It's getting late as we order the drinks and the bar staff are starting to shut up for the night. Georgia notices that they are putting little covers on the open liqour bottles and says they must be night caps.
It's beautiful evening and we are the only people on the terrace enjoying the stunning nighttime views.

When we're finished we go down to the front of the resort where we say goodnight to Evan and get Ubers back to our respective resorts. We are in bed at the Boardwalk around midnight.