Day 1 (India & Georgia)
Friday 7th March 2014

Written by India

It’s Friday morning and Georgia’s been awake since 5:30am excited to go to Disney. It’s a miracle for her to be awake at this hour let alone happy but I can’t criticise as I only finish packing half an hour before I have to leave for work. At work I manage to get everything wrapped up so leave at 2pm feeling relaxed and ready to start my holiday. As I pull up outside the house an acoustic cover of Not in Nottingham from the Disney movie Robin Hood comes on my playlist and I take this as a good omen for things to come. George finished work at 1 so after a quick final check mum takes us to Kemble railway station. The train is a few minutes late and as we pull away from the station we both receive texts at the same time that turn out to be mum who’s ‘missing us already’ *vomit*.

We get to Gatwick sometime around 6pm. We try to check in using the self-service machine but it won’t let us. As we’ve also had a problem checking in online earlier we go to the desk to check everything’s OK. Apparently it’s because there are a lot of families booked on to the flight so they have to sort out seat allocation. Even though we’ve requested seats previously these aren’t available but we get a couple in front of the emergency exit so that we have nobody behind us.

We then get the train to north terminal and check in at the Premier Inn. We are told if we want to eat at the restaurant there we’ll have to book a table as it is very busy but are told the next available is 8:15pm, which is about an hour and three quarters away, so we head to the terminal and decide to eat at The Globe. George has a roasted Mediterranean vegetable pizza and onion rings and I have southern fried chicken with coleslaw, chips and BBQ sauce accompanied with a Corona each. George enjoys her meal but mine is just OK. It’s only just coming up to 8 so George has another Corona and I have a Guinness. Then we head back to the room, watch Coyote Ugly and are in bed by 10:30.