written by Tammy

Up and the depressing job of finishing packing the last few bits and pieces and checking out.

We haul the cases down the steps and we wait for the taxi, which we pre-booked when he dropped us off on Monday, and have just enough time to grab some cakes from the bakery for breakfast at the airport.

Our taxi driver who bought us from the port turns up promptly and before too long we are on our way to the airport and the flight home. All goes smoothly and we are home in good time.

To reflect on this holiday – we all enjoyed the quiet, laid back ambience of Lopud and the chance to really relax and spend time together without too much rushing around. However, the nightlife and buzz of Dubrovnik was in stark contrast and meant that the holiday actually seemed a lot longer than the 10 nights we were away. We all agreed that Croatia is a beautiful country with so much to offer and we are sure we will visit again – perhaps next time for an island cruise or to explore other parts – the beautiful architecture, unspoiled countryside and friendly people have a wonderful old time charm – the likes of which seem to have sadly disappeared from so many tourist destinations today.

With the girls growing up and commitments of university and college, friends and boyfriends we really weren’t sure when we would all be able to take a holiday abroad together again so I think we all made every second count on this holiday and I am happy to report there were no arguments but lots of laughs and merriment.

[Kev - nothing much to add as Tam has summed it up very nicely. Thanks to her for writing all this and giving me a 'report free' holiday.]