written by Tammy

This holiday was booked completely D.I.Y. on the internet. We researched various flights and found flights to Croatia in August were significantly cheaper than those to Turkey – our other preference. So once we had secured Easy Jet flights we set about researching accommodation options. We found some really good reviews for the island of Lopud and in turn found a great apartment there. Our desire was also to return to Dubrovnik as we had all enjoyed a port day there on our Mediterranean cruise in 2008 and thought it would be lovely to return and enjoy its charms for a few days and nights.

The following websites were very helpful: - Information all about Lopud - we booked the accommodation in Lopud through this website - Villa Vilina’s website - this is Villa Gloria’s own website - A good website for accommodation in Dubrovnik - Always a great website for all holiday planning.

We leave home after work and check into the Gatwick Travelodge – which is cheap and cheerful but will do. We go to the nearest Harvester for supper and then return to the rather stark, austere bar for a drink before bed.