Written by Tam

[Kev - it appears we have no photos at all today. Probably because we didn't do very much at all.]

Up at 8am and up to Solstice Deck to find some good sun beds. Take it in turns to go down to the Oceanview Cafe for breakfast. Cappuccino, fresh orange juice, smoked salmon bagel and scrambled egg for Kev and blueberry cinnamon bagel with cream cheese and jam for me.
Back on the Solstice Deck we fume over the selfish people who haven't been up here for over 2 hours but have had the nerve to leave towels and books on the loungers in the best positions. We try to hide our irritation and enjoy the wonderful sunshine on this at sea day.

[Kev - when Tam says we fume at the rudeness of the people who save sunbeds for hours at a time, what she really means is that she has steam coming out of her ears and nudges me every few minutes to say 'Nobody has been on that sunbed for 1 hour 57 minutes and 32 seconds. It's a disgrace'.]

We have an early lunch of cheese burger and fries from the Mast Bar washed down with Coronas. I have to say these burgers really are very good and I can see why so many people choose to eat them for a lunchtime meal.

Later on we go to the loungers on the promenade deck where it is slightly more sheltered and we take the opportunity to sample another speciality coffee from Cafe Al Baccio. A cherry Monin espresso with whipped cream and fresh berries for Kev and a espresso with coconut Monin, whipped cream and pineapple for me - absolutely delicious - coffee and a pudding in one cup.
We read and relax in the cabin - watching the sea scud by outside and make the most of our balcony on this our last at sea day.

Out early tonight for dinner as it is formal night and we want to watch the early show at 9 pm. Pre-dinner drinks are the Martini Bar - banana split martini for me which I didn't like so had a glass of white zinfandel instead, and Kev has a mangorita. Then to the Molecular Bar for a Hawaiian Lava for Kev.

In the Opus dining room where we had cold pea, mint and lemon soup with crab and then beef Wellington with duchess potatoes with asparagus, carrots and a jus - we both found this a bit too salty for our liking and in fact we commented on more than one occasion that the food on this cruise was possibly too over seasoned with salt for our liking. For pudding I choose baked Alaska and Kev has a chocolate cake with ice cream.
To the Molecular Bar for another cocktail before the show at 9pm - Scorpion's Kiss and a Dragonfly are our choices this time.

The show was enjoyable with a good selection of rock music, aerial artists, very bendy girls and a man with a hoop doing amazing things - we found it a fun evening of entertainment.

[Kev - what more could you want from an evening's entertainment - bendy women and a man doing amazing things with a hoop. Sounds more akin to a show you might see in the backstreets of Bangkok. Perhaps it's just as well we don't have any photos.]

Up to the Ensemble Lounge after and then into Michael's club for some beers before finishing up at Cafe Al Baccio for hot chocolate before bed.