Day 9 - Saturday 21st May 2022


Written by Kev

We're all up at 7.00 am today as we're leaving Captiva this morning and driving across to Sebastian on the east coast for the second phase of our holiday.
We pack and are in the car by 8.15 am and drive to Ding Darling Wildlife refuge to do the nature drive. As it's early it's not too busy and we stop at various points along the way and see many different birds, but no alligators.

We start the drive towards the east coast and stop off just outside Fort Myers for breakfast at a Perkins. It's pretty good and certainly plentiful, so we're all fueled up for the rest of the trip. Charlie drives for a couple of hours and I finish off the just over 4 hour journey.

I don't know what this is or who had it. Hope that helps.

We stop in at Disney's Vero Beach Resort for a look round and then we're on to Captain Hiram's in Sebastian where we arrive at 3.45 pm. Me, Tam and Inds have room 101 (yes, we really are in room 101) and Georgia and Charlie have 201 on the floor above. We drop off the luggage and then meet up. They say theyhave youngsters in the room next door and across the corridor and they're quite loud. We'll see how that goes later.
We go for an explore and walk past the pool. It's packed with older drinking people. Could be noisy tonight. I think it's some sort of group get together as they all seem to know each other.
Down to The Sandbar where there's a duo playing. It's not quite the glorious blue skies I had imagined when I thought of our stay here as it's overcast, breezy and the water is quite rough. On the plus side India immediately spots a dolphin. We have a beer and a Bahama Mama as it's happy hour before returning to the rooms to shower. The packed pool party is still going strong.

We eat in the restaurant in Captain Hiram's. We decide that the appetizers sound nice so we order lots of them between us, these include chicken wings, tuna nachos (which are lovely), fish dip, coconut shrimp, mozzarella sticks, loaded potatoes and clam chowder. With 5 beers the bill is $180 including tip. That's better than the prices on Captiva!

Out to The Sandbar where a country band are playing and we have rum and cokes all round.

Come in number 9 your time is up.

The band are quite good, but we want something rockier, so walk up the road to Earl's Hideaway where a band called Switch and Whiskey are playing. They do some excellent rock covers as well as their own material. Beer, bourbon and rum are consumed at various times in the evening and we all have a great time. Tam and Georgia are eventually starting to flag, so they go back to bed while me, Charlie and India stay for the bands second set, which is right up my street as they play TNT by AC/DC.

Charlie couldn't resist taking a photo of this sign. Funny how the sheeple that wear masks are less likely to die from Covid. Coincidence you reckon?

The three of us head back at midnight on a lovely balmy Florida evening. The wind has died down and it's the sort of warmth that envelopes you like a warm blanket. Back at Captain Hiram's there is no noise at all around the pool - everyone has gone to bed, so fair play to them for having a good time and not disturbing anyone.