Day 6 - Wednesday 18th May 2022


Written by Kev

We're up at 7.45 am this morning, too late for any more manatee spotting. The poo sucker man has left a few tiles up on the patio, but it seems to have done the job.
We have breakfast and then we're off to Bowmans Beach via the police station to pick up India's Fitbit. Or so we think. After driving there the officer informs us that the person with the key to the evidence room is not in so we can't collect it. Oh well, we'll have to pick it up later in the week.

Off to Bowmans Beach which is a lovely place as there are no buildings to be seen, not even a beach bar, just sun, sea and shells. It's very relaxing with people wandering up and down the beach collecting shells. I ponder on life and come to a decision that if you had a female child born on Sanibel you would have to call it Shelley. Georgia says if it's a boy it would be Sheldon.

Someone's shell collection - I think it's Tam's.

We've made sandwiches with the left over steak from last night and these are very tasty along with some sour cream and onion Lays. An hour is spent throwing a toy American football around in the sea and another hour passes relaxing on the sand before leaving around 2.00 pm.

Back at the villa Charlie suggests a short bike ride to the top of the South Seas Plantation, so me, he and India set off. It's a very pleasant couple of miles ride past a marina and golf course before we reach the end where there are some stunning condos looking across to North Captiva. We see a couple of ospreys in a nest and some dolphins (at sea, not in the nest).

It's only a 9 hole golf course, but it runs alongside the ocean. Charlie and I would dearly liked to have had a go, but you can only play if you're staying on the South Seas Plantation.

Back at the villa the ladies are grumbling as they're all sunburnt to various degrees with India being the worst despite liberally slathering on factor 50. She is also quite badly bitten - those no see ums are right little blighters. Amazingly I still have no bites. Tam reckons it's because I'm now old and rancid. Who needs enemies, eh?

After showering we meet on the balcony at 6.30 pm for a glass of wine before walking to the Green Flash at 7.15 pm where we get a table outside. It's very busy and the service is slow, but that's ok with us as we are in no rush. As long as I've got a drink I'm happy.
I have swordfish, which is fine and it's lovely looking out over the sound as it gets dark. After the meal we move to some high chairs by the waters edge for after dinner cocktails - mine's a Negroni. It's been a really good meal in a lovely setting, the total being $300 for the 5 of us including gratuity.

I guess someone had the breaded shrimp.

We really enjoyed the evening enormously. The food might not be quite as good as the Sunshine Cafe, but it's perfectly good and to be sat overlooking the sound is wonderful.