DAY 14 - FRIDAY 30th AUGUST 2013

Written by Tam

Wake up early as the one disadvantage of this cabin was the thrusters - we could really feel the vibration whenever they were used in port - unfortunately as we docked early this meant we didn't get too much sleep on our last night.

Finish packing up the hand luggage and down to guest relations to get our "Extend your Stay" lanyards. Coffee accompanied by nutella croissants and fondant doughnuts from Cafe Al Baccio was our naughty breakfast today. We went up to the pool deck and found somewhere to chill out. It was very weird as obviously most passengers had to disembark so we had pretty much the whole deck to ourselves until the new guests started arriving. It was quite galling to see them looking excited and expectant and all that was ahead of them and here we were trying to eek the last few hours out before beginning the journey home. Enjoy the peace and calm of the pool - this was in fact the only time we had ventured in as it was always so crowded and we preferred the relative calm of the Aquaspa pool.

We head to the Spa to shower and change and then go to Bistro on 5 for lunch. I have a Piggy Crepe - with smoked pulled pork, sweet corn and bbq sauce and chef's salad to share. This was followed by Dulce Leche crepes which were just amazing and will definitely be on my must have list on any future celebrity cruise.

At 1.30pm we decide we can't put off the inevitable any longer and pick up our passports and head to the luggage hall where our suitcases were waiting. Luckily a shuttle bus had just dropped off some oncoming passengers so we ask if we can get a lift back to the port gate, which we can. As luck would have it as we pull in a taxi is dropping off some more holiday makers and I ask how much it would be to the airport - he quotes €120 which was less than we expected - so luggage on board we head off to the airport. The journey took less than an hour so before too long we have dropped our bags and find somewhere to sit whilst waiting for the flight which has a 15 minute delay. The journey home was uneventful but gave us a chance to reflect on our wonderful Celebrity Cruise.
[Kev - it cost a fair bit more to stay on the ship for a few hours and get a taxi to the airport, but the alternative was to leave the ship early and get the train into Rome with our luggage before getting another train back to the airport. It was much more relaxing to spend some time in the sunshine before heading off for our flight.]